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The Masala culture offers an alternative form of tourism which is an anthropological experience to tourists visit India. Spend time exploring the Indian culture by playing a role as of an insider and not as outsider. This access to reconnect can be gained by authentic experiences which we offer ,such as :staying at our home ,this is a glimpse to see how Indian family live, second service we offer is with focus on quality and hygiene so we able to assure tourists a safe experience of home cooked shared lunch ,the shared lunch is a  cocktail of Indian history, culture and cuisine . Our last experience we offer is a tailored tour packages.

Currently the masala Culture is catering only to the international tourists, but we organise some special meals for domestic tourists as well since we would like to introduce the Parsee cuisine and culture which in a state of decline.





Customize an Unforgettable Experience with the help of the Masala Culture
so you can enjoy a journey tailor made just for you

When I entered Malka’s home, I was amazed to know that that India has different life to offer other than what we are aware of.

The complex is close by the airport. The stay in the house is pleasant and includes everything a visitor needs.

The best part of the evening was their cosmopolitan worldview and the appreciation of all the cultures. 

Malka is an amazing and captivating woman. I have not come across of such professionalism for a long time.

When you visit Mumbai- be sure the first face you see is Malka! It is the only way to start a visit to India!

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