The essence of traveling is to learn about other cultures – What better way than through food?

The hospitality of the Indians is legendary. In Sanskrit the three famous words ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ or ‘The guest is truly your god’ are a dictum of hospitality in India. Indians believe that they are honoured if they share their meal with their guests.

The masala culture a cook owned services in Bangalore ,India, create an experience culinary for tourists. We specialize in intimate event style dining from 5 to 20 people. We combine thoughtfully prepared menus with warm personal services to provide an exclusive private dining experience

Tourists wanting to taste an authentic experience welcome to “The masala culture” dining experience which lasts three hours between 12 noon to 3 pm every weekend, with the masala culture you will discover not just the food of Indian cuisine which is considered to be one of the three great distinctive cuisines of the World but the culture behind the food. India is a land of diverse religions, customs, festivals, culinary flavours and climatic conditions the experience at The masala culture will increase ,assist to comprehend your knowledge and ease social interaction during lunch .

The meal will be served around a dining table rather than the traditional way of sitting on the floor, food is served off a communal bowl for all to share and or on a plantain leaf, with the use of the hands ( cutlery optional) since it is believed that doing so contributes to a more affective eating experience

The meal will involve a transfer of information about religions, people, culture, food, and other traditions of India, culminating in the desired highlight – a typically elaborate Indian meal with a complete understanding of the menu.

To enjoy The Masala Culture meal we make sure the food is freshly prepared with no artificial colour and taste enhancer in utmost hygienic conditions.


When I entered Malka’s home, I was amazed to know that that India has different life to offer other than what we are aware of.

The complex is close by the airport. The stay in the house is pleasant and includes everything a visitor needs.

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