Dear Malka,

We wanted to thank you for the tour in Mumbai, we were happy and pleased to travel with you, we enjoyed the trip program. It was perfect, just incredible and interesting.

Thank you for everything, for availability, professionalism, knowledge, warmth, assistance and caring you showered on us.

The only way to travel in Mumbai and feel comfortable and safe is with Malka.

Taj Hotel

Ziva & Layzer

Myself and my friend were touring Mumbai with Malka – it was just perfect (to make a long story short)!

I have travelled in the past, several times in north India and  am familiar with the mentality, the dirt, the noise that India is famous for. Nevertheless, Mumbai has always been my fear, a huge city, dirty with a frightened image of the number of people residing in the city, levels of noise that both people and cars create and harassments that are quite common.

I decided I should get over this fear of Mumbai by visiting the city, I knew that somehow I must make it as comfortable as possible. Luckily, I met Malka through friends; she put an end to my fears of Mumbai city.

During the day, we walked in tourist locations. However, to me the real experience was actually in the streets and halleyways that are toured very least. Malka exposes us to the authentic Indian way of life, with many stories and her personal experiences.

After a busy day of the best that Mumbai had to offer, we decided to see the nightlife as well. We asked Malka to join us, which again was a great idea as she took us to an amazing luxurious club/pub, which revealed to us a very different Mumbai from what we had seen that same morning. We drank, danced, chit chatted with locals and reordered the “Unusual and  Unexpected night by photos”.

Mumbai forever engraved in me as an enjoyable city and the complete credit goes to Malka!
Bandra Club

Meital Yardeni

On the way back from a surfing trip in Sri Lanka, we had one full day to see Mumbai. After a sleepless night, my first choice was to sleep all day. But, my tour friend insisted on taking a tour of the city, so as not to take the risk of missing the flight. We chose eMalka Irani as our guide, who comes with a car and a driver (with air conditioner!).

I arrived with concerns about the food, crowded and unclean places.

Malka understood immediately our needs and hesitations. After coffee and cake, gradually she introduced us to the mysterious city, slowly opening the barriers and appetite for the cityd. We ate only street food, which were too delicious to describe. During the tour she showed us all the sides of Mumbai, we had selected to see, and guarded us from all the city’s peddlers and bizarre people.

In retrospect, I wish we had more time to explore Mumbai.

If you come to Mumbai, do not think twice, book Malka.

Parel Market

Yaniv Dor

Malka led us confidently through the busy market – a very significant part of this amazing experience.

From the docks, she led us to the flower market and later to the Slums, which she knows well, as well as many people who live there. Her extensive knowledge and familiarity with the culture and mentality of people were very significant in understanding the shape and longevity of the neighborhood in particular, and Mumbai in general.
In other parts of the tour, Malka’s husband joined in and contributed his part to our experience with a pleasant smile and adding significant knowledge to further understand the fabric of this city life.

I strongly recommend a day’s tour with Malka in Mumbai and preferably as soon as you arrive in the city.
Malka is amazing because, she is a westerner and knows our mentality and our ways of thinking. At the same time, she is very knowledgeable about Indian life and Mumbai history – contributing significantly to our whole experience.

Shully Sigelman

We traveled with Malka for two days in Mumbai. Malka is the culmination of vast knowledge and a captivating pleasant personality. Her important traits are – intimate knowledge of the Indian people, their culture and lifestyles, conversant local language, willingness to be flexible in the program and to change according to our will, in accordance with the degree of interest we discover for one thing or another, the weather, and so on.

There is never a dull moment, all the time (even during the trip from site to site) she has something to contribute as interesting topics (history, Hindu religion, the status of women, politics, minorities in India, and many more as time is available to her and as requested by the traveler). On specific sites, locals familiar with her assist, and if there is none, she will find others, provided we receive an original picture of their lives. About markets and popular restaurants – there is nothing to add. These are familiar to her, and follows with detailed explanations, shopping assistance, recommendations on special foods, etc.
In short – a very pleasant young woman and a perfect guide.

Masina Hospital

Zehava Berner

For all those who come to Bangalore, I want to highlight a great hospitality and experiences that are engraved in my heart.

A pampering house, the room is large and includes a toilet and a shower.

My experience with Malka was pleasant and fascinating, and I enjoyed every moment with her family and children. Come and experience India through  Malka’s home stay.

The house is in a well-equipped and pleasant area, with well-kept gardens, a gym, a spa and children’s playgrounds.

The complex is close by the airport. The stay in the house is pleasant and includes everything a visitor needs in order to be in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

malka’s house

Eviatar Lahav

After an exhausting journey from Hampi, we were greeted and welcomed with warmth and love which made us feel that we had arrived home – and we did indeed arrive home. The feeling is indescribable. Our one and a half year old baby adopted Malka’s husband,Behram so naturally and we followed her.
Malka adopted us naturally and openly and made us fall in love with her, her husband, and INDIA.

Malka’s House

Hanoch Elran

September 2018

Dear Malka 

We thank you very much for the Mumbai tour. It was an extraordinary and enriching experience, the places you chose to show us and the experiential way we met the real Mumbai through the people who live there, the food, the launderers in the big laundry, the markets, the train ride with the locals and so much more.

 The interesting information about the history of Mumbai, the processes that the city is undergoing, the gaps between rich and poor. in addition to your captivating personality, we were given an unforgettable experience.

You are a rare species guide. Thank you.

Dabba walla of Mumbai

Nili & Haim Lahav

January 2018

on our way to Sri Lanka we stopped for 24 hours in Mumbai. Since this is our first time in the city with 2 teenagers (16, 13) it was clear to us that we needed a short tour that suited only us. Malka tailored for us a perfect tour for the limited time we had.

Early morning, she came to the hotel on time with an AC vehicle and driver. The tour was like no any other tour, we started our tour straight in the slums of Mumbai, without fear, we walked with Malka in the narrow alleyways, making contact with the locals and understanding their life. From there we continued to so many unique places and she attended any desire we had.

Even though We had limited time in Mumbai, we felt we had an experienced just as much as needed and wanted. Malka has extensive knowledge of Indian history and culture with great love for the place. We felt how much she loves the city! All of us, including the children, had unusual and unique experience.

We have really enjoyed!

Colaba causeway street

                            Reice Family

When I came to Mumbai for the first time I had many concerns. I booked Malka to guide me around town for three days, and it turned out to be the smartest thing I did on my first journey to India. It set the confidence and comfort level I needed, for the rest of my trip.
Malka not only showed me around the main Mumbai sites, but also, had me go on the Metro, visit the market, learn how to eat on the street, and best of all, made sure I know where to go out at night for a safe, fun and hip Mumbai environment. Good bars and clubs.
Malks’s husband, Behram, took me on a day’s tour of the Mumbai slums ,in Daharavi, and it turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip.
When you visit Mumbai- be sure the first face you see is Malka! It is the only way to start a visit to India!


Raanan Levy

In October, I travelled on a business-visit to Mumbai. It was my first time in India so, it goes without saying, I was anxious as I heard so many stories of the city and India, in general.

I scheduled with Malka a day tour in the city, and from that moment onwards, my perception about India and Mumbai, in particular, has changed completely. Malka met me at the hotel prior to scheduled time and we started our city tour…it was awesome! Malka showed me the real Mumbai; the tour included all the areas of the city, mix of tourist sites and locations that only the locals know about.

Given the success of the first day, I decided to take the services of Malka for another day. The day started with tour in the slums with Behram, Malka’s husband. Behram is a local; he took me to all the hidden places. This day also ended up to be a wonderful day in the streets of Mumbai.

For anyone who wants to see and feel Mumbai I highly recommend Malka and Behram.


Elina Haronsky

I stopped in Mumbai on the way back from a business trip. I had one whole day until the flight and it was important for me to see the city. I chose Malka after reading a few reviews online. After the day tour, I am happy to join the warm recommendations.
Mumbai is an amazing city. I’m sure it would have been harder for me to understand without Malka. Malka not only speaks the local language, she also knows how to communicate with each of them with great talent, small-big, rich and poor. They all cooperate with her and invite her to their world. Thanks to this talent, I have had some extraordinary experiences. For example, while we were watching the phenomenon of Dabbawala, one of them invited us to deliver lunch with him throughout the city, revealing me to a completely different aspect of life in Mumbai. This experience was completely authentic and happened in spontaneity, because Malka was interested in them and their life. This experience combines a long series of other experiences: from a crowded train ride (an unforgettable experience), through a tour of the alleys of the Dharavi slum, colorful markets and more. Malka knows every corner of the city, demonstrates great knowledge, and with great ease initiates conversations with passersby’s to ask for their opinions.
Malka has the flexibility to personalize the tour plan according to ones interests. For example, she changed the place of lunch because she realized I was not in India long enough to survive the original place she thought :). She bargained for me in the market, and arranged a coffee break when I needed one. The tour was ideal – I wish such an introduction to anyone who comes to Mumbai for the first time.

Malka knew that I was wandering around India a few days before our meeting and was available for every question and assistance – whether it was dangerous to do some things, how to spend a few hours traveling in other cities, and so on.

Warm recommendations!

Dabba walla 

Efrat Rappaport

We’re a 60-year-old couple. On a trip to the East we had two days free in Mumbai.
We decided to book a guided tour on the first day. We chose Malka. All day long, we saw that our choice to hire her as a guide was very successful. Malka picked us up from the hotel with a car and a driver who was with us all day long. The tour happened for 10 hours .
Malka had sent us a list of 30 places worth touring. We chose what interested us and what we did not see last time we were in Mumbai.

Malka is a mix of a westerner and Indian, with a very interesting life story. This helps us to gain an authentic local experience. Malka effectively describes stories of history and  present. She also speaks Hindi with the locals and enriches us with additional information. When we wanted to buy she helped in negotiating to lower prices for us.
As a guide, she was very attentive to us, to the changes we wanted to make, our desires (to combine markets and some shopping), fatigue, etc.
It can be summed up that – thanks to this tour, we got to know Mumbai in a beautiful and quite real way. With pleasure, and curiosity.

On the second day, we made an independent trip according to Malka’s suggestions.
We warmly recommend.Z sheferZaveri Bazaar


Hey Malka,
We started our tour of India in Mumbai.
We were very worried about landing in a busy city, but the tour with you helped us travel with comfort. Your acquaintance with the city, your mediation between us and the surroundings, your explanations, and your attitude gave us an amazing experience.
I felt that I received a refined extract from the best of Mumbai.

church gate

Noam Drigues

Thank you for your wonderful and thorough guidance throughout Mumbai. India is more than just tourist sites. India is a wonderful mixture of colors, smells, people and cultures. Your explanation and your vast knowledge have revived life and color in the sites we have seen.

Thus, India has become for us a collection of fascinating cultures and a variety of fascinating people.

The tour thanks to you was successful and fascinated us.

Haji Alli

                        Elhanan & Ora Meshi

We had the privilege to dine with Malka and Behram during the Passover celebration as per Jewish tradition. We not only enjoyed the top classs homemade Jewish-food blended with Indian hospitality, but we also came to know about Jewish tradition.

The whole event was presented in an interactive way as if we are part of the family. The kids were asked to read about Passover and events that led to the exodus. There were also exciting games planned for other kids along with Malka’s kids.

The best part of the evening was their cosmopolitan worldview and the appreciation of all the cultures. This remain a memorable day in our life.

malka’s house

Debajit Ghosh

March 2018

 A trip of three days sounds like a small trip but it was a great trip! a great trip because we experienced a huge variety of cultural aspects related to India and we came out with a feeling that we had experienced India and all thanks to Malka. I was naturally worried prior arrival to Mumbai, but thanks to Malka everything was perfect (Yehuda 64 years)

The trip was very interesting, we chose places we would not walk on our own. Malka is talented in the way she approaching and talking to locals or any one , she speaks the local language and that makes it very easy. She gave me the confidence as woman to travel around in India.

The highlight of my trip was the Ganesh Festival – Malka made it easier for us to observe and even take part.Apart from this peak of the trip i recommend the fishing village and the eunuch phenomenon (Michal 21 years ).



Yehuda & Michal Gill

September 2018

I coordinated with Malka about a month before our arrival in Mumbai (a very important thing so she is available). We toured four women aged 50-79. Malka met us in the lobby of the hotel where we stayed. A pleasant, cordial, light-filled woman who accompanied us for a whole day. Malka has been living in India for several years, allowing her to spice up every site and place with wonderful stories from everyday life.

She is not a regular guide, she gives all the stories and also incorporates the point of view of the local Indians. We quickly caught up with her enthusiasm. Malka walks around Mumbai freely and confidently, and we also roamed the streets of Mumbai with her safely, even in the slums.

Malka has transformed Mumbai into an unforgettable experience of stories, colors, scents and flavors. I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to experience unusual Mumbai to book Malka for a tour.

Train ride

Rebecca Raanan

December 2018

I am a travel agent who likes to discover new destinations and places. My husband and I were planning a trip to Goa with a stopover in Mumbai. We learnt of the option to tour the city with a westerner guide. We discovered that the best way – the most efficient and effective was to hire the services of Malka, who is a lovely human being along with her charming husband – Behram. Both were waiting for us at the airport with a huge smile and a local flower garland. Malka has vast knowledge of the city. We visited all the tourist attractions. We received detailed explanations – and their treatment was out of this world!

In short – worth every minute and we highly recommend.

Crawford Market

Michal & Yoram Ohana

Our first day in India, especially in Mumbai, thanks to Malka and her Indian husband Behram, was a real celebration. It was great fun for us, an elderly couple to be taken care by them. The fun started from first e-mail contact which was asking preliminary details on “what do you suggest we do in the city for a day or two?” the tour ended to be four unforgettable days with them.

Malka and Behram have remarkable human ability, incredible sensitivity to the wishes and needs of their guests; along with deep expertise and knowledge of Mumbai city. Above all, fulfilling and caring are incomparable. Utilizing the time correctly within the predetermined budget, according to our pace, absorbing energy everywhere, observing the details that are foreign to the western eyes, drawing attention to events in real time, all of these are few examples of the services provided to us by this remarkable couple.

We have no doubt that the experience with them is   unique and best.

Elephanta Island 

Avi Dagan & Judith Yizhaki

After a day of the tour in Mumbai, we recommend this great guide.

Her name is Malka Irani, a westerner married to an Indian and has lived in India for many years.
Malka has a lot of knowledge about culture, history and life in India. She understands and converses in the Local language.
We chose a number of sites for a tour of Mumbai, from a long list that Malka proposed.
Malka picked us up from the hotel in a comfortable and pleasant mini-bus, and on the way, we heard her fascinating life story.

We visited the city in various interesting sites such as the Sassoon docks, the Slum neighborhood and the Parsee community (Zarathustra).

Malka is very caring, professional, charismatic, demonstrating great knowledge and thinking about every detail. Undoubtedly, thanks to her, the tour of Mumbai has become special, interesting and fascinating.

A happening busy day, full of positive experiences ended with an amazing meal at the home of wonderful hosts from the Parsi community, while hearing details and stories about the customs of the community.

In short, a wonderful tour day with the charming, fascinating and magnificent Malka who is equally interesting.

El Al crew team

July 2018

Warmly recommend Malka Irani for a guided tour of the city of Mumbai. When I contacted Malka, I immediately realized the benefitse. In addition to the advantage of a tour in my language, Malka did not skip any detail in planning and considered all my personal preferences – points of interest, transportation, variety of experiences, and pace of the tour, food, timings, shopping, and choice of group/personal. She scombined all options in the best possible manner and so we set out for an amazing day in an amazing city.

The tour included sights, sounds, smells, colors and movement combined with stories about mythology, historical development of the city and contemporary culture. During the tour, Malka also displayed great flexibility and made adjustments according to need, according to the pace and according to the mood. Therefore, the experience was complete and fun filled.

Thanks to Malka for a wonderful and unforgettable experience, leaving me with an appetite for more.

Dabba Walla

Adam Magen

A stunning complex with facilities that exist in 5-star hotels and the feeling of overseas. When I entered Malka’s home, I was amazed to know that India has different life to offer other than what we are aware of – the life of well-off Indians. I enjoyed every moment of the stay.

The room is neat with clean western shower, has hot water, a ceiling fan, a huge window overlooking the compound and a double bed. Malka and her family gave me a feeling of home from the start, played with her children, ate at her dining table with her family and felt like a family member.

For those who are looking for the Indian home experience that is different and unfamiliar to the average traveler – you are invited to stay with Malka in Bangalore. The place is full of hospitality and I express my heartfelt recommendations.

Malka’s house


February 2018

Malka Irani is the most professional guide i have encountered.
i have visited Mumbai Before, however it is totally different traveling with her and her professional guiding than alone,she introduced to me a completely different Mumbai. Malka is an amazing and captivating woman,a day with her company left me with an amazing experience.
I have not come across of such professionalism for a long time.
Ganesh Festival
Ehud Rojanski 
August 2018

I was in India on business trip since I had free time in Mumbai, I hired the services of Malka Irani.

Malka is charming and provides a VIP service that includes a vehicle that comes on time, close escort and very interesting guidance, taking care during the day for everything necessary, she leaves no open request. She arranged for me a private driver when I was alone.

Excellent service and the price worth the service she provides.

Marriot Hotel

Rony Roup

March 2018

Hey Malka

We have completed three exciting days in Mumbai with you.

We have been privileged to experience the city, to meet its residents and sites under your unique guidance.

During the whole trip, via road or by foot you knew how to enrich us with knowledge about Mumbai and its residents and India in general.

Most of all, we enjoyed your ability to understand the spirit of the group and to plan a tour for eight people interests.

Your special ability to speak the local language , to know the local culture, and the ability to communicate with every person weather he is a driver, a teacher or any one, has given us a special window to the city’s life, allowing for deep recognition of layers that do not meet in regular tours.

Heartfelt thanks

See you again on our next visit

 laughter yoga

Dan & Sarit Matalon

October 2018

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